topoStitch™ offers the easiest and most accurate way to stitch topographic images. You can stitch 3D images and surfaces from AFM, SPM, Profilers, Interferometers, Confocal Microscopes and more


Automatic Layout

All images are placed automatically, if the images contain stage position information.

Grid Layout Wizard

The Grid Layout Wizard helps you lay out your images in seconds, when stage positions are not available.

Interactive Grid Tool

The interactive Grid Layout Tool allows you to easily adjust overlap and skew for your images.

Manual Layout

Advanced snapping and semi transparent rendering makes it easy to place and adjust images manually.

Automatic 3D Rotation and XY Translation

Sub-pixel correlation algorithms increase your productivity by automatically rotating and aligning your images during stitching.

Up to 4 Billion Pixels

Advanced memory handling and performance optimization allow you to stitch hundreds and even thousands of 3D and greyscale images up to 4,000 megapixels (e.g. 65,000 x 65,000 pixels).

Automation, NEW!

topoStitch™ can run seamlessly controlled by external programs and perform automated stitching. For more information on automation, please contact us

Metrology Grade Precision

The advanced stitching engine in topoStitch™ allows you to create perfect and seamless stitches.

Recent Grid Layouts

topoStitch™ offers one-click access to your recent layouts containing grid size, overlap and skewness.

Workspace Axis Direction

Set the workspace axis direction to match your instrument.

Sorting Options

Sort your sub images by load time, creation time, offset, or name.

Advanced Open Options

You can choose only to load a single channel when opening files.

Export Options

Export your stitched images to topographic format (.bcrf) or presentation format (.tiff, .png, .jpg, .bmp).

Built-in Tutorial

Get started in minutes with the built-in hints.


Choose between four distinct UI themes.

100+ File Formats Supported

topoStitch™ supports 100+ file formats from SPMs, AFMs, STMs, interferometers, confocal microscopes, and profilers. topoStitch™ utilizes the powerful file reading engine from SPIP™, which is unmatched for topographic image data.