topoStitch™ News

topoStitch™ 2.2 Highlights

* Automation - You can now run topoStitch™ seamlessly from external programs. We have targeted this for microscope manufacturers having automated functions for acquiring images series covering larger surface areas. For more information on automation, please Contact us

* Improved Stitching Engine - The stitching engine is now using multi core processing and significantly faster. At the same time the algorithms has been tuned for higher accuracy

* Control of output size - If the stitch image results are getting too big to be handled by your preferred image processing tool, - just define an image size limit and topoStitch™ will take care of downsampling


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topoStitch™ 2 Highlights

* Unlimited 3D Stitching - Improved memory handling and performance optimization allow you to stitch hundreds and even thousands of 3D and greyscale images.

* Improved Stitching Engine - The stitching engine has been tuned for increased accuracy and now handles 3D rotation around the X- and Y axis.

* New Grid Layout Tool - The all new Grid Layout Wizard helps you lay out your images in seconds. In addition, you can now apply your recent layouts with a single mouse click and zoom during adjustment of overlap and skew.

* Usability Goodies - The new progress bar gives you detailed feedback during stitching and automatic image adjustment. Furthermore, you can now change the axis direction of the workspace to match your instrument.

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Image Metrology has released topoStitch™, which allows you to stitch topographic images from AFM, SPM, Profilers, Interferometers, and Confocal Microscopes.

Feature Highlights:

* 90+ File Formats Supported

* Metrology Grade Precision

* Automatic Position Adjustment

* Automatic Layout

* Grid Layout

* Manual Layout

* Export Options

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Image Metrology -  a world wide leading supplier of image processing software for "nano-microscopy" - announces a new software application for stitching topographic image, topoStitch™.

Soon you will be able to stitch multiple topographic images from your AFM, SPM, Profiler, Interferometer, and Confocal Microscope into one high quality image.

"topoStitch™ offers unmatched flexibility and accuracy in topographic image stitching, so I'm extremly excited about the upcoming release ", says Dr. Jan F. Jorgensen, Founder and CEO of Image Metrology.